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About Joy Temple

Joy Temple, the Tantra Centre in Edinburgh, invites you into a world of mystery, refined eroticism and feminine beauty.

Our Temple is a sacred space: here you can feel safe, free to let go of any tensions, prejudices, or preconceived ideas and simply be.

Our Team

Joy Temple is a centre of Tantric spirituality, offering the space for transformation for both guests of our temple, and team members.

All members of our team practice Tantra in their own personal lives, and after having learned the art of conscious loving touch, they periodically join us, to offer you their gifts and help you discover this magical path, as well.

Joy Therapies

Tantra massage for women

Tantra massage for women

Joy Tantric massage for women is foremost a tantric therapy for you to reconnect to your senses, your sensations, and your very delicate, yet intense sensuality. It is an experience every woman should have at least once in her lifetime!

Prices starting at £160

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Tantra Massage for Men

Tantra Massage for Men

Joy tantric massage invites you to surrender to the blissful tantric massage experience in our Tantra center. Enjoy the magical touch of Tantra through our wonderfully skilled Tantrikas (Tantric practitioners).

Prices starting at £150

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Tantra massage for couples

Tantra massage for couples

These are the sessions we, at Joy Tantra Massage Centre, find greatest joy with. Instead of sneaking around to get a tantra massage, why not invite your lover and come together, let this experience be one that you both share and cherish.

Prices starting at £330

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Tantra ceremony for awakening the 5 senses

Tantra ceremony for awakening the 5 senses

This tantric ceremony of awakening the 5 senses immensely regenerates your entire being and it will thus renew your euphoric joy of living.

Prices starting at £300

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I visited you last week and and I met Alma who expertly took me through a tantric massage. This was my first time. I can honestly say this was one of the most powerful and enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Alma was kind, professional and beautiful. I can’t wait to visit again. Kind regards and many thanks.


August 5, 2020

Joy Teachings

Our Tantra Centre in Edinburgh offers both Tantra massage sessions, to have a direct experience of Tantra, as well as teachings of Tantra through Tantra Yoga Classes, Tantra Workshops, Tantra initiations, Tantra Ceremonies, Hatha yoga classes and Tantra massage workshops.

At the moment we are offering 4 private workshops, which may be booked individually or as a couple:

Joy of Erotic Amorous Continence

£250/ single

£300/ couple

1 day

Edinburgh, Nov 25, 2023. A full day of exploring the Joy and deeper intimacy that Erotic Amorous Continence can give you. Early Bird 27.10 - 11.11. Here so many have had the chance to experience the mysteries of discovering the pure erotic energies.

Euphoric Joy of Tantric Love

£500/ early bird

£690/ full price

5 days

Highland Cottage, 19-23 June 2024. Tantra Immersion retreat. Early Bird offer by April 20th. At Joy Temple we have lovingly created the setting where so many have had the chance to experience the mysteries of discovering the pure erotic energies...

How to make the woman happy

£440/ single

£710/ couple


Introduction to core Tantric principles and the different erotic needs of men and women. Includes presentation, practical techniques, guided conscious touch and a massage session for you.

Journey through the 7 chakras and the 5 bodies of the being

£390/ single

£650/ couple


Explore the energetic structure of the human being and learn how this helps enhance and constantly renew your joy of life. Includes presentation, practical exercises and Joy's ceremony for awakening your 5 senses.

Tantra initiation into amorous continence

£250/ single

£350/ couple


Time to dive deeper and access higher levels of knowledge and practical elements of great esoteric power. Includes presentation and esoteric guided exercises.

Bespoke 1on1 consultations

£100/ single

£150/ couples


Joy Tantra Temple is a centre of spirituality that addresses all of your being and your entire life. We are an oasis of spirituality, aiming to bring light to any aspects of your life.

Tantra & Yoga Coaching