Tantra initiation into amorous continence

This is a series of workshops we offer to you gradually, and you may only attend the next one, as and when you succeed to successfully apply the tools you receive during the first workshop of this series. At this time you start being introduced to a higher level of knowledge and practical elements, with great esoteric power.

Tantra initiation into amorous continence

Time to dive deeper and access higher levels of knowledge and practical elements of great esoteric power. Includes presentation, esoteric guided exercises.

£250 /single

£350 /couple


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Here you will explore on a more profound level

  • the Tantric way of making love (in your own private life – not during the session)
  • how to experience multiple dry and cosmic orgasms
  • how you can practically harness your amorous energy,
  • how to grow it and how to use it for your own benefit.

Please note that due to their complexity, workshop bookings do need to be booked at least one day in advance and they are dependent on availability.