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Joy Temple – Tantra Massage Centre in Edinburgh – Shore Area

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Welcome to our page, beautiful being!

Our name is JOY and we are happy to be here for you. We are ready, eager and full of enthusiasm to get to meet and get to know you, to share with you from our experience and knowledge of this Tantric universe.

After a few good years of studying and practically applying tantric knowledge in our own beings and lives, we have come together as a united team and opened this Joy Tantra Temple, as a centre for spiritual transformation.

Did you know the space used to be a horse stable?

We were inspired to see the potential in this traditional old building, to thus find our fitting place within the beautifully preserved and ever growing city of Edinburgh, where to do our work of bringing back to life and making accessible to the people of Scotland this ancient and very little known tradition of tantra.

While keeping its protected architectural aspect on the outside, we have put in a lot of work on the inside (of both the Joy temple and our own inner universe) to radically transform the space into what it is today: a safe and sacred tantra temple.

Once we started on this path, we keep on going. We have made it our mission for life. We have fully dived into it. All or nothing. Although we have also faced various challenges, it is all definitely worth it. Knowing that we are helping people every day, being able to go to bed at night remembering all the meaningful smiles we had put into people’s hearts during the previous day, having helped them reconnect to their own self, having helped them improve their lives even if for just a little bit, makes it all extraordinarily fulfilling.

During this journey we have embarked on, we have come to understand that showing our vulnerability and opening our own souls to you helps bring us all closer to one another, and to ourselves. This actually helps us genuinely discover our own nature. We have learnt the courage of bringing our naked soul in front of another being, and have realised that living with honesty and authenticity is the only way we wish to live. This is Tantra: the path of letting go of any covering layers and masks, and simply being in all of our purity, connecting at the very essence.

We have come a long, complex journey of spiritual transformation to be who we are today; during this process we have been diving deeper and with ever growing awareness into our own inner universe, exploring it with amazement. We have thus learned acceptance, patience, and have confronted our own fears to dare and overcome them.

And this journey still continues, and it is a wonderful journey, especially as we go through it by sharing it with all and each one of you, our dearest guests who step into our Joy Tantra Temple, to make your own journey of self discovery and spiritual growth.

The values of the Joy Temple are: spirituality, elevating eroticism, euphoric joy and ecstasy.

Wondering what we can do for you?

We can guide and assist you on your own inner journey by making use of the tantric techniques we have learned and experienced already on ourselves. The purpose of such a journey would be to help you discover and understand yourself, by your own direct experience, what Tantra is and what it is not, what a tantric principle is, and how you can apply it into your own life, what a genuine tantric massage is and what it feels like to receive such a massage, and how it transforms and enriches your life.

And going yourselves through such a direct experience under our guidance, within your own inner universe, then it will become possible for you, as well, to make the choice to live your life in accordance with these principles, to feel always free to be authentic.

Renew your euphoric joy of living

This is the mission of our Joy Tantra Temple. We aim to bring novelty to your erotic life in a manner that rather sets you free from the enchaining sexual instincts and instead allows you to access, experience and explore a state of spiritual balance that becomes possible through conscious touch which can transform that which for others might be profane, into something sacred and elevating.

In the consumer’s world we live in today, most people simply consume their sexual potential until they are consumed by it themselves, as it runs out and there is no more.

Our Temple presents you with the chance of discovering how to make this resource a renewable one, and how to turn an incontrollable sexual instinct into an elevating, refined fuel that you can actually renew within your own being and in this way you can regain your joy of living, in a super pleasant manner.

Joy Temple is a tantric temple and not a massage parlour. The sessions of genuine tantra massage you will experience as our guests are based on years of studying and applying the tantric principles we now present to you, as well.

The tantra massage we offer is inspired by ancient sacred eroticism, and it skilfully combines magical movements of relaxation massage, elements of body to body massage, sensual refined conscious touch meant to gradually awake the erotic energy and help ascend it to the superior levels of your being, giving you an experience of the entire being, not only of the sexual part of the body, and even not only on the physical body, but including the whole of who you are, as a complete being, with the entire complex energetic subtle structure as well. Each session of Joy tantric massage you will experience is meant to surprise and intoxicate you with elevated pleasure.

Our approach to this whole experience is quite different from anything you might find anywhere else, first of all because it starts from this more complex, more profound perspective upon the human being, to include the physical body, but also the mind, soul and spirit. Therefore, each session will have its clear constant guidelines, proven to be very efficient, but at the same time, it will uniquely adapt to who you are in that particular moment when you are experiencing each of our tantra massages.

Moreover, we want you not to depend on us for finding your joy, but to learn yourselves how you can access this universal energy yourselves, any time you want. For this reason, we have also developed and continue to structure and offer to you various workshops on the Tantric principles and techniques you can apply in your daily life, to continuously renew this euphoric joy that we all deserve.

If you are not sure where to start your journey, don’t worry. We will start from where you are right now. Come share with us your dreams, ideas, wishes and aspirations, and we will meet these with our experience, inspiration and the knowledge to guide you towards making real progress on this spiritual path of genuine Tantra.

Together we will succeed. Send us an email using our contact form here.

Who we are

About Tantra

Many people merely know of Tantra as being something mystical, related somehow to the Orient and most of all to eroticism and sexuality.

Well, genuine Tantra is indeed quite rare nowadays, and while it does relate to the erotic energy and pleasure, Tantra does not only enhance erotic pleasures, but rather it brings both colour and purpose to one’s life by revealing the immense freedom...

Our Team

Temple is a centre of Tantric spirituality, offering the space for transformation for both guests of our temple, and team members.

All members of our team practice Tantra in their own personal lives, and after having learned the art of conscious loving touch, they periodically join us, to offer you their gifts and help you discover this magical path, as well.