How to make the woman happy

This is a workshop meant to introduce you into the world of Tantra, giving you the first glimpse into the Tantric principles and very simple and efficient tools of how you can start already to apply these in your own private life. Together with these basic principles, you will also start learning about conscious touch – with your body and your eyes, and about where and how it is most efficient to do this when you intend to awake the energy and the soul of your loved one.

How to make the woman happy

Introduction to core Tantric principles and the different erotic needs of men and women. Includes presentation, practical techniques, guided conscious touch and a massage session for you.

£440 /single

£710 /couple

4h'/ including a shower break

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The workshop includes a presentation, doing practical elements together, under skillful guidance, and also a part where you are receiving a massage, in this more conscious manner. This workshop is for you if you want to know more about Tantra and about how it can help you improve your love life. Structure of the workshop:

I. part- Introduction to Tantra teachings

  • learning what are the fundamental principles of Tantra and how you can start applying them into your daily life
  • The teachings are followed by illustrative materials

Our topics here:

  • What is Tantra?
  • What are its main principles?
  • Increasing power of masculinity in order to attract the Woman
  • Secrets of legendary lovers
  • Lovemaking: how you can improve it through Tantra?
  • The attitudes of a tantric lover
  • Differences between the necessities of men and women

II. part- How to touch a woman?

  • In this part our beautiful tantrikas will show you how to touch a woman in order to help her feel safe enough to open her, how to awake her erotic energies and to make her relaxed and full of joy.

Our topics here:

  • Conscious touch
  • Erogenous zones of a woman
  • What women like

III. part- a tantric massage for You

  • Now it’s time to let go, surrender, and enjoy our Joy Tantric massage to fully relax and renew your energies. Please read here how our tantric massage sessions usually unfold.

Now that you have learnt a bit more, you are invited to enjoy this massage being more profoundly aware of all that you will experience. Enjoy and at the same time observe yourself enjoying it. Magic will happen.

  • and towards the end of the session, as well, after your deepened, more conscious experience, you will again be guided through some further elements on conscious touch.

We can schedule the workshop any time during our regular opening hours, you just need to book your appointment at least 1 day in advance. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Tantra massage for women